Main Features of the Vamag Vector

  • Customer print out - PC, 24" monitor and colour printer included.
  • Bluetooth or cable connectivity.
  • Software in Windows platform with 3D graphics.
  • Fast execution through 4‐function keys.
  • Unit can be controlled from each measuring head.
  • Database including more than 15,000 technical cards detailing vehicle features.
  • Automatic compensation of caster measure.
  • Data freeze function.
  • Toe‐in curve measurement procedure according to VAG specifications.
  • Single screen summary of test results.
  • Real time display of all axle data.
  • Database of registered vehicles, searchable by customer name or by vehicle registration number.
  • Supplied with either a 4-point clamp, a 3-point hang-on clamp or Haweka Proclamps.

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