Wheel alignment is one of the fastest growing automotive services...

Why is alignment more in demand?

There are 2 main reasons:

  • Tyres
    • Tyres are more expensive than ever before, in part because they are made partially from synthetic rubbers whose cost is linked to the price of crude oil.
    • Wheel diameters and tyres are larger than before, making them more sensitive to a small misalignment.
  • Vehicle suspensions are more complex. As the vehicle ages, wear in the components can cause misalignment which needs correcting.

Why 4-wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment isn't just limited to the front axle anymore. In many modern vehicles, the rear axle being out of alignment will cause the vehicle to "dog track". This is where the rear tyres do not follow the exact same path as the front.

Why the Vamag 4-wheel alignment system?

Many workshops have been using laser systems satisfactorily in recent years. However, they lack two important features. Firstly, laser aligners do not contain a manufacturer's database. Secondly, they cannot offer a printout of results for your customer. The Vamag equipment overcomes both of these and is easy and quick to use, at an affordable price. The Vamag wheel alignment system is wireless, which means it is not tied to one workshop ramp and can be used at any location in your workshop.

So in summary, wheel alignment is here to stay, and increasing in importance. Crucially, workshops who can perform 4-wheel alignment will win over those who can’t, due to the increasingly sophisticated nature of vehicles.

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